International Yoga Day

CHANDIGARH, 21 JUNE, 2015: Yoga means join, which acts a mediator to maintain our health and make the spirit to join with God, which has today been announced by a renowned Yog Guru Swami S. Lall, who participated in the program on this International Yoga Day held in BJP Office, Chandigarh. State President BJP Chandigarh Sh. Sanjay Tandon was also present in this program.

In this program, State Office Bearers, District Presidents, Morcha Presidents, Cell Conveners and other workers also participated and came to know about the Yoga and its benefits as instructed by Swami Lall.

While speaking to the participants, Mr Sanjay Tandon, reiterated that Yoga is very important for our life, to give us relief from the stressed life today. Yoga also relieves us from various diseases. Everyone should add this practice in his day to day life. Today it is clear from the International participation in this program that the World has understood the crux of our Yoga practice and accepted the same. For this, we all should extend our thanks to Sh. Narendra Bhai Modi, Prime Minister of India, whose efforts have given the recognition to Yoga at International level, by which crores of people participated and made this practice a memorable event today.

Swami S. Lall also stated that now the day is not far away on which the world will understand and accept our earlier teachings unhesitatingly. Under this lead by the Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Bhai Modi, all the Yoga Guru feel honoured, for which all the Yoga Guru and the Institutions extended their gratitudes. Today, the Yoga has become part of the life of peoples other than India also.