BJP Chandigarh Yoga Cell

Chandigarh 16th Dec, 2014: A delegation of Shri Ram Mulakh Darbar Haridwar and Saint Devi Dayal Divya Yog Sanstha Baltana led by BJP Chandigarh Yoga Cell Convener Sh Roshan Lal, met with State President Sanjay Tandon today at party office Kamalam and expressed thanked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Delegation told that its only Prime Minister’s efforts, whole world is going to celebrate International Yoga Day on every 21st June.

State President Sanjay Tandon thanked the delegation and said that BJP has positive attitude towards the progress of Nation. Our party is strongly believes in ‘VASUDEVA KUTUMBAKAM’ which means spreading the techniques of Yoga on International level will be beneficiaries the whole World. People will be healthier when they adopt Yoga in their daily routine life.

Not only in Chandigarh but Panchkula, Mohali, Baltana is thronged by plenty of centres where not only local people but also from other nearby vicinity like Kalka, Sahzadpur, Naraingarh, Morinda, Roop Nagar and Gobidgarh and also from various other places, come to take Yoga Treatment and are now leading very healthy and prosporus life. Trained and well experienced Yoga Teachers are imparting Yoga training to be participants in these centres. Among the trained, well equipped and experienced Yoga teachers is Mr. Roshan Lal Sharma. The method of treatment of patients by Mr. Sharma is not only the exercises but he gives valuable suggestions on Food, What to eat, clothing what to wear and what kind of utensils the people should use in preparing food for themselves.

Mr. Sharma is also running Yoga cell in BJP Unit at Chandigarh besides this Mr. Sharma is the President of Shri Ram Mulak Darbar Society, Haridwar where Yoga training is given to the participants. He is also the executive committee member of Delhi Yog Sabha, Dehi and is also a Vice Chairman of Sant Devi Dayal Divya Yoga Sansanthan, Baltana. He is also visiting Yoga instructor in Yoga centres at Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula where people suffering from various ailments like Backache, Headache, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Blood Pressure, Sugar and Hear problem are getting treatment under his advice. All these ailments are successfully treated in Yoga centers.

The need of Yoga in Modern time is more than it was felt in the ancient time which is due to change of life style and so called comforts of modern time, we now yearn for. Experience reveals that Yoga training is essential not for young man but also for Old man and children who are studying in School and College and are subject to tremendous stress.

Sh. Narindra Modi, the Prime Minister of India spoke of Yoga education at U.N. General Assemble, Newyork and emphasized its benefits to the mankind. The U.N. General Assembly adopted Yoga and declared that June, 21st, be celebrated World Wide as Yog Diwas. The people of India are very thankful to Sh. Narindra Modi for globalization of Yoga