BJP Philosophy : Hindutva (Cultural Nationalism)

Hindutva or Cultural Nationalism presents the BJP’s conception of Indian nationhood, as explained in the following set of articles. It must be noted that Hindutva is a nationalist, and not a religious or theocratic, concept.

“Hinduism and Hindutva: What the Supreme Court Says ?”
by Jagmohan

Hindutva: The Great Nationalist Ideology

“Give us this day our sense of Mission”
by M.V. Kamath

REVIEW : ‘Klaus Klostermaier
– On the Ethos and the Future of Hinduism’
by Shri Ashok Chowgule

“The Hindutva Judgements: The Distance that Remains”
by Arun Shourie

The Eternal Religion’s defining movement in time

ESSAY : “Semitic Monotheism
-The Root Of Intolerance In India
by S. Gurumurthy

Subhas Chandra Bose as a mascot of Hindutva