Points for Administrator’s Advisory Council meeting to finalize Chandigarh Master Plan2031

    1. For the projected population, the overall Land use suggested appears OK. However, it may be mentioned that clearly, too much Commercial land use has already been approved in Industrial area. Some land should be “reserved”, as proposed, for Institutional purposes (including for service oriented employment institutions, like for ITeS,  KPO/BPO, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Geriatrics etc). General education college should be opened only in Mohali/ Panchkula. It may also be mentioned that the BJP manifesto/ Central Govt.propose to set up one IIT, IIM and AIIMS in every State. Chandigarh Admn. should push with GOI to allocate at least 2 out of the 3 to Chandigarh (PGI could easily be upgraded to AIIMS, and PEC Deemed University could be upgraded to IIT; but in case any additional land is required for such institution, then the requirement should be met from the “reserved” area).
    2. Water Supply- Augmentation of drinking water supply is imperative. While proposals for rain water harvesting and recycling are OK, there is an imperative need for Administrator to take up with Punjab Govt. for augmenting water supply from Bhakra Main Line.
    3. Own Power Supply- There is a need for Chandigarh to have its own captive power generation (instead of depending on power purchase for meeting the deficit, which will keep increasing in the coming years). Administration should take up with the GOI (Ministry of Coal & Ministry of Power) for allocation of a Coal Mine, so that Chandigarh Admn. could set up a captive power plant of say 330MW,at Pithead, through competitive bidding.
    4. Traffic Congestion/ Parking- Traffic congestion and parking problems need to be addressed. The proposal of a Metro is not commercially feasible for Chandigarh, since a minimum population of 2 to 4 million is required for viability of metro rail. Perhaps , Monorail could be feasible, with funding under JNNURM. This needs to be looked into. Proposal for improvement of Public transportation and BRTS appear OK and need to be taken forward in a time bound manner. There must be “discouragement” of “through traffic” transiting  through Chandigarh, and , perhaps a Ring road, on border with Punjab and Haryana should be examined. As proposed , Underground parking/ Multi-level parking should also be implemented in a time bound manner.
    5. The space needs of the High Court need to be expeditiously looked into, and the requirements met, in a time bound manner.
    6. Villages- To meet the Housing and Community needs of the residents of the villages, the Lal Dora limits need to be extended. Mention of this should be made in the Master Plan; and the Administration should finalize action in this regard, in a time bound period. Till then no punitively action should be taken primary health care for villages and colonies.
    7. Housing Board Flats- While it may be true that Building Byelaws relaxations need not be part of the Master Plan, however, in view of the importance of the issue, and the fact that it lingered on for a long time, the Administration must commit to finalize the need based changes/ relaxations within the next 3 months.
    8. While Resettlement of all eligible persons needs to be expedited, the Administration needs to ensure that no new/ fresh encroachments occur on govt. land.